Pacific Cross


Pacific Cross:
Your Trusted Health Insurance Partner in Thailand

Pacific Cross Health Insurance stands out as a leading health insurance provider in Thailand, offering comprehensive and convenient healthcare solutions for individuals, families, and expats residing in the Land of Smiles. They have carved a niche in the market by prioritizing customer service, affordability, and a wide range of plan options.

Unwavering Focus on Health Insurance in Thailand

Pacific Cross isn't a jack-of-all-trades insurance company. Their core focus lies in health insurance specifically designed to meet the needs of those living in Thailand. This laser focus allows them to:

  • Provide In-Depth Market Knowledge: Pacific Cross has a deep understanding of the Thai healthcare landscape, ensuring their plans align with local medical costs and service providers.
  • Offer Culturally Sensitive Service: Their team understands the unique needs of expats and locals alike, providing culturally sensitive customer service.
  • Develop Competitive Plans: By specializing in Thai health insurance, Pacific Cross can offer competitive premiums and comprehensive coverage options tailored to the Thai healthcare system.

A Spectrum of Health Insurance Plans for Everyone

Pacific Cross recognizes that "one size fits all" doesn't work in healthcare. They offer a variety of health insurance plans to cater to diverse budgets, needs, and age groups:

  • Individual Health Insurance: Pacific Cross provides individual health insurance plans for expats and Thai residents, ensuring personal health security.
  • Family Health Insurance: Protect your entire family with comprehensive family health insurance plans that cover spouses and dependents.
  • Senior Health Insurance: Pacific Cross offers specialized health insurance plans designed for the specific needs of senior citizens in Thailand.
  • Accident and Health Insurance: For broader protection, these plans combine medical coverage for accidents with hospitalization and medical expense benefits.

Embracing Technology for a Seamless Customer Experience

Pacific Cross prioritizes a smooth and user-friendly experience for its policyholders. They leverage technology through:

  • Online Platform: Manage your policy, access information, and submit claims conveniently through their user-friendly online platform.
  • Multilingual Support: Pacific Cross offers multilingual customer service support to cater to the diverse needs of their clientele, including expats.
  • Cashless Hospitalization Options: Many Pacific Cross plans offer cashless hospitalization options at a network of reputable hospitals and clinics throughout Thailand, eliminating upfront payment hassles.

Building Trust Through Transparency and Customer Service

Pacific Cross understands that trust is paramount in healthcare. They establish trust with their clients through:

  • Clear and Transparent Communication: Plain language policy documents and clear communication ensure you understand your coverage and benefits.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Pacific Cross offers dedicated customer service representatives to address your inquiries and concerns promptly.
  • Efficient Claims Processing: They prioritize a streamlined claims processing system, ensuring you receive timely reimbursement for covered medical expenses.

Why Choose Pacific Cross?

  • Market Leader in Thailand: Pacific Cross is a leading health insurance provider in Thailand, offering a deep understanding of the local healthcare landscape.
  • Focus on Affordability: They prioritize offering competitive premiums and flexible payment options to make health insurance accessible.
  • Wide Range of Plans: Pacific Cross caters to diverse needs with individual, family, senior, and accident & health insurance plans.
  • Technology-Driven Convenience: Their online platform and multilingual support ensure a smooth customer experience.
  • Commitment to Customer Service: Building trust through transparency, responsiveness, and efficient claims processing.

Partnering with Globe Insurance for Personalized Guidance

Globe Insurance acts as your bridge to Pacific Cross, simplifying your health insurance journey. Our team of experienced insurance consultants can help you navigate through Pacific Cross's diverse plan options and recommend the most suitable coverage for your specific needs and budget.

  • Expert Consultation: We'll analyze your situation and recommend the most appropriate Pacific Cross health insurance plan.
  • Personalized Solutions: We believe in a personalized approach, tailoring coverage to your unique healthcare needs.
  • Streamlined Application Process: Globe Insurance simplifies the application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience with Pacific Cross.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Investing in health insurance is an investment in your well-being. Pacific Cross offers comprehensive health insurance solutions to empower you to navigate Thailand's healthcare system with confidence. Contact Globe Insurance today to discuss your health insurance needs and explore how Pacific Cross can provide the peace of mind you deserve.

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